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the benghazi terror attacks that led to four deaths including u.s. ambassador chris stevens gets seriously heated. chris stevens gets seriously heated. details next. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. i'm lynn berry. debate day in america. vice president joe biden and republican rival paul ryan prepare to square off tonight in kentucky. new poll numbers show the current vp has his work cut out for him. according to a new survey from the pew center, just 39% of voters like biden, 44% like ryan. the winner of tonight's debate, 40% of voters say ryan will come out on top while 34% think biden will prevail. nbc news's tracie potts joins us. >>> the pressure is definitely on vice president biden to turn things around. he's got the experience on the debate stage to do so, but as you saw in those numbers, it looks like the public is betting more on paul ryan. ryan took a bit of an excursion yesterday while he was practicing in florida saying that the vice president will probably come at me like a cannonball but that the obama record, as ryan put it, is his akil lee's
they are finding new and effective ways to strike. the three u.s. military police officers were on foot patrol in a market with afghan police when the suicide bomber struck. four afghan officers, and six civilians were also killed, and dozens hurt. joint u.s./afghan operations are becoming more common, and so are the risks. on saturday an american soldier and a u.s. civilian contractor were killed by an afghan soldier. the latest in a growing series of insider attacks. despite mounting worries, afghan commandos firing live rounds still train side by side with elite american special forces. >> right here in front of you. >> reporter: you can't stop working with them? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: at this level, joint combat operations are now the rule. americans no longer go it alone. >> i'm very impressed with your training here today. >> reporter: general tony thomas heads all special operations forces in afghanistan. his men rely on their afghan partners. a relationship the taliban hopes to undermine. >> we lost another soldier to a green-on-blue attack. what are we going to do about it? >
in afghanistan that left two americans dead. the casualties push the number of u.s. personnel killed in afghanistan to 2,000. the circumstances of saturday's violence remains unclear but a fire fight broke out at a checkpoint in eastern afghanistan. what nato hasn't determined so far was the gun battle a result of an insider attack or a deadly misunderstanding. >> reporter: this weekend marked the deadly milestone in afghanistan. 2,000 american soldiers killed since the war began nearly 11 years ago. it happened at a checkpoint in the eastern part of the country. one american soldier, an american contractor and three afghan soldiers were killed in a fire fight. >> the circumstances were somewhat confused but there was a report of insurgent firing taking place which we believe may have been a factor. >> reporter: nato did not say whether this was another in a serious of insider attack. these so-called green on blue attacks have left at least 52 international forces dead this year. the u.s. commander in afghanistan told "60 minutes" he's angry some afghan troops have turned on the amer
administration downplaying the danger along the u.s.-mexico border? tonight, an exclusive nbc investigation. >>> and young hero, news about the brave teen that the whole world is pulling for. nightly news begins now. >>> good evening, there is every reason to believe the live television audience watching the vp debate tonight will be every bit as large as the last presidential debate, and because that debate was something of a game-changer, as it turned out, the stakes going into tonight are higher for two men from similar backgrounds, who are very different. for starters, this is the broadest age difference of any debate. our political team is in place tonight, our coverage includes our nbc polling numbers out just tonight on this race tonight on this race. we want to begin with nbc's ron mott in we want to begin with nbc's ron mott in danville, kentucky, tonight, good evening. >> reporter: hey, brian, to you, vice president joe biden will be there at that table, paul ryan the other table. congressman ryan comes into this debate, riding the republican wave of momentum , paul ryan the other
of the u.s. win the nobel prize for physics enabling manipulating and measuring quantum systems. the award carries a $1.2 million prize for each. and nobel prizes for chemistry, literature, economics and the nobel peace prize will be announced throughout the week. >>> following breaking news also out of asia. north korea says that its missiles can reach the u.s. mainland. that's new this morning. this warning comes after the u.s. agreed to let south korea have missiles capable of striking anywhere in the north. pyongyang says that professionals the south and its allies are plotting to invade the country. most experts question whether north korea has mastered the technology needed to launch an attack against the u.s. >>> a post-debate for mitt romney has him leading in at least one poll. a survey by pew research shows mitt romney now holds a 4-point lead over the president, 49% to 45%. it amounts to a huge swing for the former governor who trailed the president by 8 points in pew's previous poll, just about a month ago, 51-43. the poll shows romney's favorability is rising and he is making
. >>> and dire warning about the u.s. power grid. it could shut down banking and even the flow of water. now there is a new warning about the chance of a massive attack in cyber space. >>> and behind the scenes, a little known chapter of the american crisis, now shown on the screen and tonight, ben affleck, on why he was drawn to this story. >>> and from the heart, a mother promise that got millions of moms talking about how to stay in the picture for their kids. he for their kids. nightly news begins now. >>> good evening, the vice president debate is now history, and while all eyes are on next tuesday's presidential debate and the town hall format, we have learned the eyes of over 50 million americans were on last night's event, a crisply moderated event, rowdy at times, tense at times, between the two men who represented the largest age gap of any debate. paul ryan and joe biden were not at the top of the ticket, but the views were instant in both style and substance, we begin with ron mott traveling with the campaign in ohio, good evening, ron. >> reporter: brian, good evening to you, as
of that plea brown is required to be truthful with authorities and disclose personal finances. the u.s. attorney's office is not commenting to the on the reason for the hearing. brown faces up to a year in prison. >>> pepco and its workers reached tentative agreement on a contract avoiding strike. the membership still has to vote on that contract. neither side is providing specific details about the new deal but the union president is recommending members approve it. >>> time for a first look at our forecast. veronica johnson joining us to tell us about the rain and cold. >> chilly. yesterday's high only 55. that was it. >> sad. >> it felt like late fall. early winter. snowshoe mountain resort in west virginia, look at the lift with flakes coming down. that started about 9:00 a.m. yesterday. they picked up a light coating there. as far as what we saw around here, we had showers kind of on and off yesterday. and this morning we're still left with a few showers moving through the area. 48 degrees the current temperature. the dew point at 44. so there has been a little bit of fog that's t
at the gate of a u.s.-afghan combat outpost, shaking houses nearly two miles away. many injured soldiers were in rooms inside the base that collapsed from the force of the explosion. the taliban has claimed responsibility. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. >>> both presidential candidates hit the campaign trail again today after last night's second debate. mitt romney heads to virginia. he'll visit leesburg and chesapeake a day after his running mate paul ryan campaigned in fredericksburg and lynchburg. president obama will hold rallies in two other battleground states, ohio, and iowa. he is scheduled to campaign in northern virginia on friday. both campaigns are declaring victory in last night's debate. the format allowed them to go at one another more vigorously. they clashed on several issues, including the president's energy policy. >> you cut licenses on federal land and federal waters in half. >> not true, governor. >> by how much did you cut them by? >> governor, we have actually produced more oil. >> how much did you cut on federal lands and federal waters? >> here's what we d
on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and paul ryan accusing the obama administration not correctly protecting the personnel. >> what we should not be doing is rejecting claims for calls for more security in our barracks, in our marine. we need marines in benghazi when the commander on the ground says we need more forces for security. there were requests for extra security. those requests were not honored. >> reporter: vice president biden called the deaths a tragedy but he said they did not know ambassador stevens and other personnel on the ground had been asking for more security help. >> we weren't told they wanted more security there. we did not know they wanted more security. and, by the way, at the time we were told exactly -- we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. that was the assessment. >> reporter: it was an assessment, but the state department did know. in real time from videos that requests for more security and resources had been made and were turned down. a state department official acknowledged testifying on capital hill only yesterday. there was
the u.s. east koempts it's expected to bring high winds and heavy rain, even some snow to areas. early this morning sandy slammed into cuba as a strong category 2 hurricane packing winds of 110 miles per hour. the storm is being blamed for two deaths so far, one in jamaica and one in haiti. nbc meteorologist bill karins has been tracking this powerful hurricane for us. bill, what can you tell us? >> this is going to be an historic event but eventually all the way up into areas of new england. let's get into it. the storm intensified before it slammed into cuba. there's the eye off the coast. this rain ban over haiti, they're also going to see a lot of destruction this morning from those heavy rains. they're very prone to mud slides. about 480 miles away from miami right now. winds at 110 miles per hour. almost a category three storm. keeps it as a hurricane through the bahamas just off the florida coast. brushing the florida coast. very large waves. maybe a few rain bans. it parallels the southeast coast line saturday and sunday with heavy rains most likely in areas of coastal north ca
. >> the u.s. attorney's office says the suspect is one of the most dangerous terrorists the u.s. has seen since 9/11. his name is quasi nafis. he was arrested after contacting an f.b.i. informant. prosecutors say he had already reached out to others ablt building a terror cell and the authorities got lucky. the u.s. attorney said, in his words, nothing was going to stop him. >> a 61-year-old driver is facing charges for causing a crash that killed a prince george george's county police officer yesterday. his vehicle smashed up against a light pole. police say officer bowden was speeding and not wearing a seat belt. >> it's terrible to watch an officer that you have an attachment with that you know his mom, his dad, his children, the people that he worked with, everybody loved him. >> officer bowden had two young children. funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized. >>> tonight, dozens got together to remember a young boy who was murdered a year ago. william mcqueen was brutally beaten and his mother's estranged husband is now awaiting trial. shomari stone with the story. >> we thank
, the tigers are up 2-1 with two outs in the ninth. let's talk a little soccer now. the u.s. took care of business in the world cup qualifying tonight. the guys needed to get a win or a tie against kwaguatemala to advance. the good news is they were unbeaten against guatemala in their last 18 matches. we pick it up in the 18th minute. the u.s. on the attack. eddie johnson had to clip dempsey who slides in to score. the red, white and blue take a 2-1 lead. to the 36th minute now. more from the u.s. michael bradly to hercule hercules gomez. second of the game, 30th of his interfashl career for dempsey. and the u.s. wins 3-1. they advance to the final round of world cup qualifiers. >>> and, folks, we have some answers. at six, we asked for your suggestions for the redskins new touchdown celebration. ewe respond you responded with dozens of ideas. here are the three that our sports staff liked the best. our third best suggestion. the burgundy bounce. you like that? >> that's pretty good. >> all right. first submitted by chris cheok. our second favorite, the hog hurdle as first tweeted by j
. coming up, a mass murderer known as the squirrel busted. north carolina's threat to main land u.s.a. and why your refrigerator is bigger than ever before. >>> plus, shocking news from illusionist david blaine after his latest endurance stunt. you're watching "early today." >>> i'm lynn berry and right now an neuron ul warning from north carolina which says its missiles are capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. an apparent reaction to south korea warning to strengthen its own program. >>> he's known as the skirl. mexican authorities say salvador escobeo is a key lieutenant behind the killing of david hartley who was jet skiing on a border lake. his founder may have been killed sunday in what would be a major victory for the president. >>> for the first time, less than half americans do not consider themselves protestant. 48%. a pew research study finds many ochting out of religion. one in five say they are nothing in particular, agnostic or atheist. an 8% jump since 1990. >>> the mars curiosity rover has been digging up soil sampleless. now nasa wants to find out if a bright objec
. driving 85 miles per hour in the u.s. starting today is perfectly legal. u.s. starting today is perfectly legal. we'll tell you where. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. i'm lynn berry. well, the romney campaign could be waking up to a brand new political headache as yet another republican candidate makes explosive comments about rape just two months after those controversial comments todd akin made about legitimate rape. this time it was during a u.s. senate debate in indiana last night. richard murdock and his opponent were asked about abortion when murdock said this. >> i believe that life begins at conception. the only exception i have for -- to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother. i just -- i struggled with it myself for a long time, but i came to realize life is that gift from god and i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> well, after the debate murdock told a news conference he was only trying to explain his views that god creates life. >> are you tryi
must follow the rules to stay out of prison. eight minutes after 11:00. u.s. troops on the move. what u.s. lawmakers want to know about security in libya a month after the attacks. >>> safety concerns. will your air bag work in case of emergency? why transportation officials so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and, and...and then the awards started coming in, and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. >>> a congressional committee will hold a meeting in less than an hour to discuss the deadly attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. security missteps by the u.s. state department. ambassador chris stephens and three others were killed in that attack. witnesses will testify before the house oversight committee. he's expected to deny reports they requested additional security in the weeks before the attacks. >>> the man bel
. >>> and late news tonight about that u.s. border patrol agent killed earlier this week along the arizona mexico border. mark potter, who has covered the drug war extensively for us, is in sierra vista where he lived with his family. good evening. >> reporter: federal investigators tell nbc news that based on evidence they have found so far, they are looking into whether the shooting may have been a friendly fire incident. agents shooting at each other. he was shot and killed early tuesday morning while responding to desert sensors that track illegal movement across the word board e. they had reported being fired upon about five miles knnorth o the border. u.s. and local officials blamed the shootings on armed criminals and mexican authorities say they have made two arrests in the case. but while u.s. investigators say they have reached no conclusions and have a lot of work to do, they cannot rule out the possibility this was a friendly fire incident. >> mark potter with this late development out of arizona. >>> we've learned that after weeks of waiting for access, the fbi has now come and gone
of arizona, where last night we reported the possibility that they were looking at the possibility that the u.s. border agent killed there may have been the victim of friendly fire. tonight there is more, more at the border patrol station in bisbee station there. good evening. >> reporter: and good evening, sources tell nbc news they expected an announcement soon that federal investigators do believe the shooting was a case of friendly fire. agents from this border patrol station shooting each other accidentally. agent nicholas ivy was shot tuesday, while investigating a possible illegal crossing near arizona. two other agents were on scene, and one of them was wounded when shooting broke out. today, homeland security secretary was there to meet agent ivy's family and to be briefed on the investigation. sources say they couldn't find evidence of any other people involved at the shooting scene, and that the ballistics are consistent with friendly fire. >> mark potter in bisbee, arizona, thank you. >>> and again, we told you last night we have an out of control situation. gasoline prices have bee
that god intended to happen. >> and comment controversy remark during a u.s. senate debate that could be a major headache this morning for mitt romney. good morning and welcome to "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. turn back the clock. it says wednesday, october 24th right now, but it's not going to feel like fall today. already temperatures in the 60s for some of us. by later today, the temperatures really going to sky rocket. >> we're going to enjoy it while it lasts. tom kierein is here with our forecast. tom, good morning. >> this time of year we don't have as much daylight as we do in august, so any spike in the temperature is not going to last as long, but it may briefly feel like summer by midafternoon. >>> right now it is off to a balmy start around the metro area, else where, where you see the moving green on storm team 4 satellite image, that's a light rain. just a very few sprinkles trying to reach the ground in loudoun county and farther west in eastern west virginia and western maryland, it is tracking east. you might briefly need an umbrella from t
an element of surprise because they have to deal with d.c. police, u.s. park police, and what they're going to be targeting are a lot of the usual suspects. let's take a look at them right now. we're talking about 30 different banks, businesses and government agencies all along the k street corridor. goldman sachs, freddie mac, american bankers association, the imf, department of justice. for people who work at those places, you know what you'll be dealing with. these are the kind of demonstrations we all saw one year ago. it's exactly a year ago today that d.c. occupy protesters first started camping out in mcpherson square. they lived there for about four months before finally getting kicked out by u.s. park police. we can expect to see them back for what they're calling a week of resistance starting with the protests here on k street this morning. as i said, they're not out here yet but you know they're coming. occupy k street twitter feed retweeted this picture. it read the finishing touches are being put on the occupy d.c. one-year anniversary as it shows somebody paintdzing one of tho
and disclose his personal finances. the u.s. attorney's office has not commented. he faces up to a year in prison. >>> the nationals are coming home tied in their series against the cardinals. game two was a rough one. the cards crushed the nats 12-4. after the game, the team was ready to get on a plane and be back in front of the d.c. faithful. >> it's easy to play when they are waving the white towels for you. hopefully when we get home the fans are ready for us and they bring it like they did. >> you know, you work all season to get homefield advantage. you know, we got it. we are going home with the series tied. get a chance to play in front of our fans. >> game three is tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. unless you have a ticket, the game can only be seen on the mlb network. ed win jackson will pitch for the nats. chris carpenter will take the mound for the cardinals. no word on the game start time. >>> the orioles are sky high tied with the yankees. after last night's 3-2 win at camden yards. the nats have the remainder of their series home. game three is tomorrow night at yankee's stadium. ba
. the u.s. attorney's office is not commenting on the reason for the hearing. brown on still faces up to a year in prison. >>> problems may still persist in d.c.'s tax office five years after it was rocked by the largest embezzlement scandal in the city's history. "the washington post" is reporting auditors have warned district cfo about the issues. including poor tracking of tax payments, dummy accounts set up with fake social security numbers, and lack of management oversight. this comes five years after a mid-level manager was caught stealing millions through phony tax return refunds. >>> the nats' pitching struggles against the cardinals. st. louis' offense dominated the nationals, hitting four home runs en route to vehicle tee. the series is now tied at one game apiece with the series shifting to the nation's capital for the final three games. dan hellie has a recap from st. louis. >> good morning. all that went right in game one for the nationals did not in game two. starting pitcher jordan zimmermann struggled big-time giving up five earned runs in three innings of work. so thi
attack in libya, that left four americans, including the u.s. ambassador, dead. >> it is our responsibility, and the responsibility of the president to use his greatest power to shape history, not to lead from behind. >> reporter: the obama campaign was quick with a rebut all, they talked about specifics. >> now i'm a professor, he gave absolutely no specifics. >> reporter: in california today, president obama appealed to hispanics, dedicating the first ever national monument to a contemporary mexican-american, the late labor leader, caesar chavez. with the stakes higher than ever, the president put a spin on his own debate performance, rallying the supporters at a concert in hollywood last night. >> my understanding, it was an incredible show. and everybody here is an incredible professional, such great friends, and they just performed flawlessly night after night, and i can't always say the same. >> reporter: in today's speech, mitt romney also appeared to try to take away from the president's signature success overseas, as to the death of osama bin laden. he credited the m
presidential candidates will debate again themselves next tuesday, october 16th. >>> the u.s. is hoping to build a public-private partnership to fight cyber attacks. this comes as the u.s. points the finger at iran as a source of recent cyber attacks on oil and gas companies in the persian gulf. they appear to be in retaliation for u.s. sanctions against the country. panetta called those attacks possibly the most destructive the private sector has seen yet. >>> today a civil liberties and advocacy group will put out its own ads in metro stations to combat the ads that are pro israel. cares campaign in response to the anti-jihad posters. a c.a.r.e. spokesperson hasn't said what the ads will say,ut they will promote mutual understanding and challenge hate. >>> a montgomery county child defies death after a fall out of a window nine stories up. the 4-year-old boy fell out of an apartment window on the 9th story of an apartment building on piney branch road in silver spring. a tree helped break that boy's fall. neighbors found the boy in a bush crying in pain. >> after that fall, he's a ver
. >>> ryan moore in washington. thanks. >>> the candidates for the u.s. senate seat in massachusetts, scott brown and elizabeth warren, debated for the second time last night. the two were combative as they staked out opposite issues from jobs and bringing troops home. david gregory from "meet the press" as moderator, they clashed over brown's claim of partisan independence. >> if he's re-elected, that increases the odds that the republicans will control the senate and that he can block president obama's agenda. >> if you're going to comment on my record, i would at least have you refer to it -- >> can we just -- >> exme. >> i'm he not a student in your classroom. please let me respond. thank you. >> recent polls before the debate show elizabeth warren with a small lead over scott brown. >>> and now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. joyriding may land one philadelphia child in jail. police are preparing to charge the 10-year-old with auto theft. surveillance video shows the young driver crashing the stolen van right into parked cars there. he did attemp
attended a fund-raising dinner. >>> virginia's u.s. senate candidates will hold their second debate today. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine will square off in richmond. a recent wall street journal/marist poll shows tim kaine pulling ahead. david gregory moderated the debate last month. >>> today a warning that china's two leading technology firms pose a major security concern to the u.s. there's a live look at the capitol. after a year long investigation, the panel is warning the government, as well as private businesses, to avoid poway technologies and zte corporation. those companies are among the world's leading telecommunications companies. both deny posing a threat to the u.s. >>> and venezuela's president hugo chavez wips a third term in office. the electoral council announced that chavez won by a narrow margin. it ends a bitter campaign in which chavez denied using oil control to his advantage. >>> this morning the pharmacy at the center of a deadly meningitis outbreak is voluntarily recalling all of its products. the new england compounding center says the move is j
defects in windows. nearly 2.5 million in the u.s. >>> the u.s. is suing wells fargo for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for what it claims is more than a decade's worth of mortgage fraud. >>> well, jack welch. the former head of general electric, a partial partner to this network, will no longer contribute to reuters. the tweet suggested the white house manipulated jobs numbers for political gain. >>> a doggy day care outside of chicago has stepped in it so to speak with the nation's biggest coffee chain. starbucks is asking star barks to change its name and logo to avoid any customer confusion. >>> a new study out of denmark finds that the more expensive running shoes do not prevent injuries or make you run faster. >>> and it's that time of year again. the nieman marcus 2012 christmas catalog is out and it is complete with all the outlandish gifts like his and her diamond studded watches for a cool $1.1 million. bill, that's our christmas gift to each other. >>> coming up, san francisco stays alive, a bountygate update and the space jump will have to wait. >>> plus, t
thought the u.s. had made a few mistakes in dealing with the world. many consider it a matter of diplomacy and nuance. romney points to several examples including when president obama said in 2009 that, quote, america has shown some arrogance and been dismissive, even deris sieve. romney claims that shows weakness which is harmful to the u.s. place in th world. >> governor romney has charged repeatedly that the president hasn't been as close a friend or ally as he could or should be. let's take a look at this. >> and i think that when the president said he was going to create daylight between ourselves and israel, that they noticed that as well. all of these things suggested, i think, to the iranian mullahs, hey, we can keep pushing along here, we can keep talks going on but we're just going to keep on spinning centrifuges. >> there's never been any proof that the president said that. the only source is an article in the washington post by scott wilson who wrote that the president said this in a meeting with the leaders of many jewish organizations. >> that was nbc's andrea mitchell report
of former u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens speaks out. what caused a u.s. nuclear sub to collide with one of our destroyers? your early morning headlines are straight ahead. >>> from land to water with a push of a button. guess what. you may actually be able to afford james bond's latest gadget. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back to "early today." i'm veronica de la cruz. the pakistani teenage girl shot in the head by the taliban last week for promoting education for girls and criticizing the group in a blog is being flown to great britain this morning. doctors believe malala yousafzai will need prolonged care as she recovers. >>> tomorrow, vice president joe biden will attend the funeral of former pennsylvania senator arlen specter, who died sunday from complications of nonhodge kins lymphoma at the age of 82. the two were close and often traveled on amtrak together when they were senators. >>> the pentagon is investigating what caused the collision of a nuclear sub and a naval cruiser during a training exercise off the east coast this weekend. no one was injured an
4 that other law enforcement authorities, including the u.s. attorney's office, are looking at this contracting mess with jim graham, andhe c ty, and the metro board. now, jim graham is no longer a member of the metro so there's nothing administratively that the metro board here can do to jim graham, based on this report. tom sherwood live at metro. back to you, jim. >> in as much as he is no longer a member of a board, is the metro board now out of it in terms of any kind of sanction or anything? >> reporter: well, the metro board says it has improved its own ethics rules in the last months, as this report has been being prepared. so it technically would be out of it. it s review of other ethics reforms could do to see this doesn't happen again. the big issue here is whether or not jim graham, who has in the past said about this, he's done nothing illegal. he keeps saying that over and over, i've done nothing illegal. i haven't profited from any of these. it's up to the prosecutors to see if there's something criminal about the activity that the board said today was unethic
person fund-raising dinner. tomorrow the president will hit the campaign trail in ohio. >>> virginia's u.s. senate candidates will hold their second debate today. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine will square off in richmond. a recent nbc/wall street journal/marist poll shows kaine pulling ahead of allen 49-44%. david gregory moderated their first debate last month. >>> today controversial ads will be popping up in some metro stations and on some metro buses. the ads equate muslim radicals to savages, and they'll be displayed at the georgia avenue, petworth, "u" street, takoma, and glen mont stations. the american defense initiative created the ads, and metro didn't want to post them based on the violent response to the anti-islam video made in the u.s. a judge ruled on friday that metro was violating the afdi's first amendment rights. the ads have been posted in new york city subway stations since last month. >>> five minutes after the hour, and the nationals playoff run off to a great start. they won the opening game of the national league division series, and the game's big
. >>> a congressional committee will meet today to discuss last month's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. it's expected to focus on serious missteps by the state department. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed in that attack. a state department official will be one of the witnesses to testify before the house oversight committee. he is expected to deny reports the state department ignored requests for additional security in libya in the weeks before the attack. >>> today the supreme court will hear a case on whether race should be a factor considered in college admissions. the nine justices will hear the case of abigail fisher. she says she was denied admission to the university of texas austin in 2008 because she's white. the university says she was denied because she fell outside the top 10% of her class. the decision isn't expected until next year. >>> now at 6:06 we're learning new information about a murder of a reporter. fauquier county sheriff's investigators now say sarah libby greenhall died from a gunshot wound to the neck. firefighters found the 48-year-old's
a fight between u.s. and afghan forces. a soldier and a contractor were killed in that fight. nato has classified the incident asen insider attack. this weekend's death raises the american toll in the afghanistan war to 2000 u.s. service members who have been killed since the invasion in 2001. most u.s. and foreign troops are scheduled to be out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. >>> the supreme court starts a new session today. a number of big cases are going to be considering moving on throughout the year. they're including issues related to same-sex marriage, privacy issues related to d.n.a. evidence, and yesterday six out of the nine justices attended an annual red mass at st. catholic's cathedral. during the homily, they warned the justices not confuse what's popular with what's best for society. >>> if you have to go through downtown d.c., you might want to allow extra time or take a different route to work. today marks the one-year anniversary of the occupy d.c. demonstrations. they plan to shut down k street to commemorate the anniversary. k street is home to many top lobbyists
syria, according to the u.s. and nato, attacked turkey, which is, of course, a nato ally and a strong u.s. ally across the border, with mortar fire killing reportedly five civilians in a residential area near the border. turkey then retaliated. tonight there was an emergency meeting in brussels. the nato ministers condemning syria for this attack. and also the president, the white house issued a statement from the national security council. hillary clinton spoke to the turkish foreign minister and said the u.s. will support turkey in this. all are condemning syria and holding syria to account. this as also more trouble for the administration with benghazi. the hill is now asking for answers. they want a hearing next week. hillary clinton said today that no one wants to know more than she and the president what happened in benghazi, but we've confirmed that the fbi has not been able to get on the ground because of continuing security concerns, and at this point, more documents, secret and sensitive documents like this one, are still at large in that site being secured only by libyans at th
the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed our ambassador and three other americans. and in this political season, the attack is increasingly becoming a political issue. a congressional committee will hold big hearings tomorrow. a preview tonight from our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. >> reporter: as house republicans prepare to hold hearings on the benghazi attacks, mitt romney disclosed he met one of the victims, glenn doherty. >> you can imagine how i felt when i found out he was one of the two former navy s.e.a.l.s killed in benghazi on september 11th. >> reporter: they met at a christmas party a few years ago. this as republicans accuse the state department for rejecting the request for more security for ambassador chris stevens, slain in the attack. so washington could say libya was becoming more peaceful. investigators say two months before the attacks, the state department concluded the risk to u.s. personnel was high. republican congressman jason chapis is just back from tripoli. >> twice in the six-month leadup, you had bombings in be
in benghazi, when a sudden and strong attack took the lives of our u.s. ambassador, and at the american consulate there, along with three other americans our report tonight from our chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell. >> reporter: sparking the confrontation, the two security offices from the consulate who said the requests were either turned down or ignored. >> we were fighting a losing battle. we couldn't even keep away we were not allowed to keep what we had. >> it was very clear we were not going to get resources until the aftermath of the incident. >> reporter: republicans accused them of lying regarding the protests over an anti-muslim video. >> there was no protest, and cameras reveal that. >> this was never about a video's it was never spontaneous, it was terror, i want to know why we were lied to. >> reporter: this after the comments from susan rice, days after the attack. >> the current assessment, what happened in benghazi, was initially a spontaneous reaction to what happened in cairo. >> reporter: in fact, they acknowledged there never was a protest, always
qaeda in retaliation to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya, but there are a few things stopping the attack. the government is still looking for the exact group responsible for the aattack. plus sources say the white house is worried about the potential political fallout. this comes as secretary of state hillary clinton says she takes partial responsibility for the attack. she says she consults with security officials about protecting state department employees. the obama administration has been criticized for not providing enough protection to officials in the consulate. one of the victims in the deadly attack, chris stevens, will be remembered today at a public memorial service today in san francisco. stevens was the u.s. ambassador to libya. he grew up and went to college in california. senator dianne feinstein and libya's ambassador to the u.s. are expected to attend today's service at san francisco city hall. >>> also today, a funeral for former pennsylvania senator arlen specter. specter died on sunday at the age of 82 with a lengthy patbat with non-hodgkins lympho
late. a legendary business executive claims the books were cooked. >>> skating scandal. a u.s. olympic speed skater admits to tampering with a rival's skate before a big competition and he says he did it against his will. he'll explain why in an exclusive interview. >>> and are they back together? new signs of chris brown and rihanna dating again, despite their violent history, and it has some people wondering what she's thinking. today's saturday, october 6th, 2012. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and jenna wolf, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. >> it's good to have you back from afghanistan. safe and sound. >> good to be back. >> and you're back into the thick of politics here in this country as well. >> it feels like this presidential race has been going on for so long now, but one month from today, voters nationwide will head to the polls and that's it. >> they say it's been -- after a rough debate, a little good news for president obama. unemployment fell to its lowest level since he
:12, 47 degrees. a u.s. embassy worker targeted and killed. >>> also new allegations against lance armstrong that go beyond doping. >>> the gut wrenching decision for rescuers trying to free a man trapped in a garage collapse. >>> it's ammunition for >>> break news at the live desk. masked gunmen have killed a u.s. employee at the embassy in yemen. the attacker was on a motorcycle. the victim headed an embassy security team. right now a source telling nbc news this has the hallmarks of an al qaeda style attack. more information as we get it from the live desk. >>> you may want to find out who is riding along with your teen when he or she gets behind the wheel. the survey by aaa shows that risky behavior by 16 and 17-year-old drivers increases when other teens are in the car. speeding, late night driving and alcohol use all increase between 5% and 18% when two or more teens were driving in a car with a young driver. aaa says they want to see stricter limits on who can ride with teens when they first get their license. car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens. >>> total
on the death of u.s. senator george mcgovern. he passed away a few hours ago reportedly from natural causes at a hospice in sioux falls, south dakota, surround ed by hi family and lifelong friends. he was 90 years old. in the 1960s mcgovern was known for his opposition to the growing u.s. involvement in the vietnam war. in 1972 the proud liberal lost the presidential election to richard nixon in the second biggest landslide in american political history. again, u.s. senator george mcgovern has died at age 90. >>> the white house says it's willing to talk to iran about its nuclear ambitions but that there's no deals right now. nbc's mike viqueira has more from the white house. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and as of this morning, courtney, both sides, the united states and the iranian government, are denying a report in "the new york times" that they have agreed to sit down one-on-one after the u.s. elections and discuss iran's nuclear program. of course that program has been a source of tension not only to the united states and iran and the rest of the world and iran
stevens, will be remembered today at a public memorial in san francisco. stevens was the u.s. ambassador to libya. he grew up and went to college in california. senator dianne feinstein and libya's ambassador to the u.s. are expected to attend today's service at san francisco's city hall. >>> two virginia hikers found safe in montana after being stranded for days in the snow will return home today. neal peckens of herndon and jason hiser of richmond went hiking in glacier national park last week. family reported them missing when they did not catch a flight home on friday. neal's mother says the pair hiked into the back country and fell into a ravine. they were stranded in cold temperatures and more than a foot of snow. park rangers found the men safe around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. >> i never felt that this was going to end catastrophically. i never felt that somet happened to him. >> peckens and hiser were taken to the hospital and given a clean bill of health. it's not clear what time he'll be arriving home today. >>> today is the deadline for metro to have completed installing cell
government is behind the attack. >>> the u.s. embassy in egypt is warning americans about the possibility of terror attacks near the israeli border. the warning comes after an israeli air strike today. israeli army killed at least three palestinian militants over the gaza strip. one of those killed was a member of the islamic extremist group known as hamas. no israelis were killed in the attack. >>> for decades he ruled the sport of cycling and was admired far beyond that. now lance armstrong is out of the record books. stripped of his record seven tour de france titles. as jay gray reports, that's not the only thing he's losing. >> reporter: he became a legend by conquering the rugged mountains and long winding paths of the world's most grueling bike race. but now it seems lance armstrong faces an even tougher road. >> lance armstrong has no place in cycling. >> reporter: today the international cycling union officially removed armstrong from the sport he wuns ruled and the record books. >> uci will ban lance armstrong from cycling and strip him of his seven tour de france titles. >> rep
. >>> the u.s. may not be close to sitting down with iran to discuss its nuclear program after all. the white house is denying a new york times report that the two sides have agreed in principal to one-on-one talks. a national security council spokesman says iran will continue to face sanctions unless they can prove their nuclear program is peaceful. the program has continued to progress despite harsh penalties from the u.s. and its allies. >>> a developing story out of lebanon. troops continue to battle sunni and shiite gunmen. at least six people were wounded in the latest fighting. lebanon's anti-syria intelligence chief was killed in a car many bombing. many intelligence officials and protesters blame syria for that death. >>> the redskins make a move to help out their offense with a fan favorite. as governor, i cut five billion dollars in spending and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors, to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get things done. we were a great team in richmond and we'll be a great team in washin
the list. the u.s. naval academy came in at number six. the princeton review based it on thousands of student reviews across the country. other schools include the new jersey institute of technology and the u.s. merchant marine academy. >> any storms we have this winter might be more memorable because of how they're described. the weather channel has decided to start naming winter storms. it's to help track severe weather systems similar to the way that tropical storms are named during hurricane season. the weather channel described this year's list of storms names as having attitude. some of the posibilities include drako, athena and magnus. >> and more than that, probably it's low, moderate or high impablgt. >> and a way to differentiate between the different ones. >> exactly. all right. how about tomorrow morning, and overnight, this fog is kind of dramatic. >> yeah. if i had to give that a name, it would be gotham. it's kind of like gothem city out there. when you head out tomorrow morning, what's awaiting you is driving through one great big cloud. could couldn't bring you the
passport and visa to the country they're traveling is all they need. >>> the u.s. supreme court is going to decide whether you need new proof to vote. they're expected to render a decision by june. >>> here's a look at stories making news in virginia. we are going to begin with a vicious beating. new york police officers battered a homeless man for several minutes after he refused to leave a synagogue outreach center. community leaders are outraged because the man had permission to be there. police officials issued a statement saying force was only used after a man refused to leave a woman's section of the facility. >>> the spotlight on a prostitution case in maine just got a little bit bigger. police have now released the names of 21 people allegedly connected to a brothel run out of a zumba studio. more than 100 men are believed to be on the exercise instructor's list. alexis wright is charged with over 100 counts of prostitution and other charges. >>> a couple of tennessee scuba divers scared up some halloween spirit. they did their best to car of jack could he lanterns under water. i
his apartment. he came to the u.s. in january from bangladesh. >>> the suspect was here on a student visa. we have also learned a man believed to be a co-con spiritor was arrested in san diego on wednesday on unrelated charges. >>> to politics, the candidates and their running mates wasted no time firing back on some of the fiery rhetoric. one of the hottest topics, women. >> when governor romney's asked a direct question about equal pay he started talking about binders. oh, the idea he had to go and ask where a qualified woman was, he should have come to my house. he didn't need a binder. >> i've got to tell you, we don't have to collect a bun of of binders to find a bunch of qualified women. >> this president has failed women. they've suffered in terms of getting jobs, they've suffered in terms of falling into poverty. >> the president and governor romney also traded jabs on one another's future plans. >> governor romney says he has a plan to create 12 million new jobs in the next four years. the washington post called it a bait and switch. >> i think it's interesting that the pres
bucks. plus, u.s. soccer heads for the final round of the world cup qualifying. your sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> lynn, you know i'm not comfortable talking about my incompetent credible wealth on tv. your forecast is coming up. a little active in the middle of the nation. you're watching "early today." >>> in sports, first we head to detroit for the a.l. championship series. the tigers delmon young hit a solo homer. miguel cabrera had a double. they pitched shutout ball through the eight wink. the 2-4 win maids it sudden death. >>> eagles head coach andy reid fired the defensive coordinator marking the first time reed has dismissed a coach. >>> in hockey, the nhl's latest proposal to the players proposal is highlighted by a 50-50 split in hockey related revenue and a full 82 game season starting november 2nd. let's go to soccer now. clint dempsey had two goals for a 3-1 u.s. team victory over guatemala. and finally, get this, a gallon of barbecue sauce intended for use on mcdonald's mcjordan sandwich in 1992, remember those, well, it sold for nearly $10,000 on ebay. the s
china had broken into one of the u.s. government's most sensitive computer networks. today officials would not say whether the white house attack has been linked to china. >>> to a developing story involvie ining an american airl flight. it made an emergency landing today. the pilot got sick shortly after takeoff. a co-pilot took control. the plane landed safely in st. louis about noon eastern time. the pilot was rushed to a hospital. a new crew took over and flew the passengers on to dallas. the pilot's illness and condition are not known. >>> there was another problem on an american airlines flight that had to make an emergency landing today. that flight was headed from jfk airport in new york to miami. it turned back and landed safely after complaints of loose seats on the plane. it was the second seat of seats that were loose in three days. on saturday, a row of seats got loose on a flight from boston to miami. that plane was diverted to new york. american airlines is conducting an internal investigation. the company canceled more than 400 flights last week. they blame all the pr
a full and transparent investigation into the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed in that attack. secretary clinton said the government is committed to compiling an accurate account of what happened, and finding those responsible. >> and we will not rest until we answer those questions, and until we track down the terrorists who killed our people. active efforts are also under way to determine who was responsible and bring them to justice. >> this week, an independent five-member panel appointed by secretary clinton will begin looking at whether the consulate in fact had adequate security. >>> violence erupted in western india today over the anti-islam movie made in america. about 200 protesters battled police in the middle of their demonstration. some threw rocks, others set fire to a police station and police motorcycles. more protests are planned in calcutta tomorrow. the u.s. embassy is shutting down the american center for the rest of the week to keep americans from being hurt. >>> the man accused of b
are claiming victory. but mitt romney is raising questions today about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. and what the vice president and others know about it. steve handelsman joins us live from cincinnati with the story. steve? >> reporter: jim, thank you. good evening from cincinnati, ohio. two hours after the debate site. this is a great place to eat. in a key county and maybe the key battleground state. so we hope a good place to gauge the effect of last night's debate. the election could hinge on hamilton county, ohio. cincinnati chili has the lunch favorite. but cincinnati voters swing between parties. barack obama won here in '08 but republicans are relieved today. >> last night's debate is not going to hurt us in the county. >> congressman ryan held his own. >> i will vote for obama, period. >> last night helped? >> just convinced it. >> reporter: paul ryan was upbeat this morning. >> i feel great. >> reporter: in danville last night, ryan drank a lot of water, but didn't sound nervous. >> job growth in september was slower than it was in august. >> reporter: joe biden
that here we are, at the end of two long wars and i see no great impulse in the u.s. military to soberly and seriously reflect on those lessons. >> we will take a break here and be back with more from tom ricks and michael gordon talking about wars and america's national security policy in the future. >>> and we are back with journalist tom ricks and michael gordon. one of the questions i heard raised this week which i think is so interesting, talking about national security policy moving forward, are we going to reach a point of a kind of reset where we figure out some middle ground between a commitment of american ground forces to war and sitting on the sidelines? and if you take a conflict like syria, we seem to be on tpting the latter because our leadership can't figure out what does all-in mean? we want to own it or lead from behind, which is it? do we have anything approaching some consensus about what a reset looks like? >> well, i don't think there's a consensus in the united states or even between -- despite the closure somewhat between the two candidates' positions, between gov
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